Music has always been a great source of inspiration for people who use to work with image. We asked 10 photographers to choose and represent their own favorite "poignant" songs.
This LP contains 10 sheets, each one is a song, each one is a shot.
Click on the link below if you wish to listen these pictures:

Guido Borso Title Fight - Where Am I?
Todd Fisher Townes Van Zandt - Marie
Benoit Grimalt Jim O'Rourke - The Workplace
Cristiano Guerri Flaming Tunes - Breast Stroke
Jennilee Marigomen The Caretaker - Libet's Delay
Nguan Mia Doi Todd - Autumn
Missy Prince Sonic Youth - Shadow of A Doubt
Pedro Ramos Galaxie 500 - Tugboat
Jukka Reverberi Codeine - Realize
Grant Willing Marion Brown Quartet - Capricorn Moon



Title Fight - Where Am I?
Guido Borso: Title Fight - Where Am I?

Townes Van Zandt - Marie
Todd Fisher: Townes Van Zandt - Marie

Jim O
Benoit Grimalt: Jim O'Rourke - The Workplace

Flaming Tunes - Breast Stroke
Cristiano Guerri: Flaming Tunes - Breast Stroke

The Caretaker - Libet
Jennilee Marigomen: The Caretaker - Libet's Delay

Mia Doi Todd - Autumn
Nguan: Mia Doi Todd - Autumn

Sonic Youth - Shadow of A Doubt
Missy Prince: Sonic Youth - Shadow of A Doubt

Galaxie 500 - Tugboat
Pedro Ramos: Galaxie 500 - Tugboat

Codeine - Realize
Jukka Reverberi: Codeine - Realize

Marion Brown - Capricorn Moon
Grant Willing: Marion Brown - Capricorn Moon